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Thrust Ball Bearings manufacturing

WBC Wonil Bearing will provide the best quality and
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Thrust Ball Bearings
Thrust Ball Bearings
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Since its establishment on Apr. 1, 1988, Wonil Bearing has been manufacturing thrust bearing
products by steady R&D efforts and investments.

  • Company name
    • :Wonil Bearing industry Co.,Ltd.
  • CEO
  • Establishment
    • :Apr. 1, 1988
  • Types
    • :Manufacturing, bearing and
      machine parts
  • Location
    • :41,Hwanggeum 3-ro 8beon-gil,
      Yangchon-eup, Gimpo-si,
      Gyeonggi-do,10048, Rep.
      of KOREA

Main products

  • Thrust Ball Bearing
  • Miniature Thrust Bearing
  • King Pin Thrust Bearing
  • Tandem Thrust Bearing
  • Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearing
  • Needle Roller Thrust Bearing
  • Bushing and Other Parts
  • Thrust Washer
Thrust Ball Bearings